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Ever since they came to be, trains have fascinated people. It started with steam powered trains and moved onto diesel and electricity powered. In the old days trains have been very slow means of transport but today some of them like Maglev can move faster than 500km/h. And that must be the reason why trains never stop fascinating us. For that reason we bring you the best Train Games to enjoy here at trainarcade.com! Take your pick and have fun with any train game, either building the railroads, controlling train traffic, driving trains or even protecting the armored train from robbers like in the old days. Games are interesting for kids as well as for adults, so if you like trains and share the thrill of gaming you are here to stay. We have collected the best free online games just for you. Ensured loads of fun await you!

Did you know?
... that there's a link between trains and transformers. So called trainbots that you can find on transformersarcade.com which consist of several Autobots, when put together they form a robot super-train called Raiden.

This September we're expecting the gem of train Train Simulator 2014, and is worth every second it takes to download and install. TS 2014 brings new improved graphics, updated tool set, trains have been given headlights. The trains themselves are reaching speeds of over 300kph, but the ability to build your own tracks makes this game endless!

Hopefully, we should soon be able to play io games with trains. io games are mmo html5 games such as braains io


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